This week we have been using our investigation skills to engage in lots of fun science activities. The children are very aware of their environment and we often watch the wildlife outside. We regularly have a Robin who comes to visit us and he sits on the wall. We decided to make our own birds that could fly. We also used our observational skills to draw robins.  We learnt about the scientist Alexander  Bell who invented the telephone. We made our own phones the old fashioned way with cups and string. It was really interesting watching the children play with them. One child asked where the buttons and numbers were.
Alongside all the activities we have had visitors in this week and in true style our 3,4 and 5 year olds were very inquisitive and asked the inspectors lots of questions, making them feel very welcome.
On Friday we finished our week with a bubble workshop. The children has lots of fun experimenting with bubbles. They used their senses to explore in many different ways. In …
This week we have been talking about mini beasts and exploring our bug hotel to see if we have any new visitors. We are going to be making books about the creatures that are living inside the hotel. I am hoping that we don't have any visitors with long tails!!!
We have been focusing on the Hungry Caterpillar book. The children wanted to use story stones to retell the story. Unfortunately our stone supply is empty so we decided to cut and stick the story on wood. We have also been using story sacks which tell the story using props. These new ways of retelling stories has really inspired the children and they are all trying to write stories as a result of them.
 Also this week we have learnt about Shrove Tuesday and made pancakes which the children and staff enjoyed eating.
Thursday was World Book Day and the children all looked fantastic in their outfits. We shared stories and had fun talking about our favourite books. Mr Mills even got the children playing Quidditch from Harry Pot…
The children came back this week full of enthusiasm and got straight into their learning. We have made a few alterations to the inside and outside environment during the holidays so the children have had lots of fun exploring new areas and equipment. The weather has been very kind to us and the children have chosen to spend most of their day in the outside area. We have created a new digging area and a large vehicle which changes from a train to an aeroplane depending on who is playing on it. The pirate ship has been extended and we have moved our kitchen area. The children enjoy these changes as it brings new challenges and stretches their imaginations.
The children have made a bug hotel and have managed to get lots of visitors which we are watching their movements daily. We are going to be spending more time investigating mini beasts next week.
On Monday we are going  to the woods as long as the weather is ok so please come along if you can spare the time.
On Thursday it is World Bo…